LINEARdrive 220D 12-24V DALI


LINEARdrive är en familj med programmeringsbara, digitala LED drivers som erbjuder mjuk och totalt flimmerfri dimning ner till 0%. LINEARdrive finns i 100W , 180W, 200W och 720W och är dimbar via DMX, DALI eller 0-10V. Varje LINEARdrive har två eller fyra utgångar, som kan via DMX. LINEARdrive 100, 180 och 720D är utrustad med en display för att enkelt kunna konfigurera antal kanaler, DMX inställningar och färdiga ljusscenarier för stand-alone läge

Input voltage DC: 12-28V
Input current: 8A max, irrespective of PSU voltage
LED output load: 8A max, irrespective of wether using one or both LED outputs
LED output voltage: 12V-28V
LED outputs: 2
AUX output voltage: equal to input voltage
AUX output current: 180mA @ 12V | 90mA @ 24V
AUX output power: 2W
Control channels: 2 ballasts / 2 outputs
Dimming protocol: DALI
IP-rating: IP 20
Warranty: 5 år
Other: HydraDrive – Flicker free natural dimming to zero
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About DALI

We use the DALI protocol when we need a bi-directional control and communication.
The slow protocol requires an application with no demands on any fast communication between the control unit and the lights.
The free electrical wiring topography can give you the tools to control a demanding building.
Relatively long DALI runs can be achieved. Using 1,5 mm2 cables allows 300 metres in wiring.
Maximum 64 DALI ballasts on one DALI universe.

About Eldoled

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eldoLED is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent drive solutions for LED based lighting systems.

Our technologies empower our customers to deliver the promise of LED lighting: smarter, sleeker and more efficient systems to meet the needs of an ever more energy conscious world. Colour is our nature, Light is our passion, your product our drive.

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